Why Us

First Aid Kits Now can assist you, the business owner, with your First Aid Obligations

It is essential that quality first aid kits be available at all workplaces for the health of workers customers and visitors and to meet national WHS legislation requirements.

First Aid Kits Now provides regular restocking and replacement of, damaged or out of date items in your first aid kits.

We also provide a certificate of service.  This means that you can be confident that your business is comply with Australia’s Work Health and Safety legislation.

Our First Aid Kits and Services

Our first aid kits come in either a fixed unit or a mobile unit. The kits also come in either a deluxe or standard depending on your needs. Whether you are a small office or a large construction company, you have the kit to suit.

We will come and service the kits at your workplace. First Aid Kits Now experienced service technicians remove and replace out of date or damaged products and supply you with a certificate of service.

Why Choose First Aid Kits Now

You can trust First Aid Kits Now with your first aid kits and servicing? Our business is built on providing the best service quality we can.  We are part of Southern Cross First Aid skills training organisation and have been delivering first aid qualifications to a variety of business for over 15 years.

We understand the requirements of all business and the type of injuries that may occur and have provided advice to business owners and their workers on the best practice for managing health and safety in the workplace

This includes first aid training, risk management, first aid kits and material.  So when you choose to use our services you are engaging a business partner that will assist you to manage all your Health and Safety requirements

Benefits of First Aid Kits Now Servicing your business First Aid requirements

With First Aid Kits Now taking care of the maintenance of your first aid kits you will experience a magnitude of benefits.

With First Aid Kits Now servicing and maintaining your first aid kit you no longer need to worry about whether you are keeping up with the current WHS legislation. That’s what we do.

With First Aid Kits Now servicing you don’t need to worry about monitoring the different expiration dates of all the different first aid products on your premises. We’ll replace them when required! First Aid Kits Now also gives you the ability to tailor your first aid kits to your specific working environments. Working with you, we’ll select the products that suit your business from our large range of items.

First Aid Kits Now are associated with Southern Cross First Aid Skill Training – They are owned by the people who provide the services.

We have been involved in Workplace Health and Safety for over 20 years assisting business owners to establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment by provide a range of services including First Aid Training, Safety Training , First Aid Kits, WHS management systems and audits.

If you are a small to medium business owner, contact us for an obligation free consultation to discuss if we are able to assist you to develop, implement and maintain a healthy and safe workplace culture at your business.

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